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“CUBE - Packaging machines: the value of global markets and forecasting”

"In a global market constantly evolving, knowing in advance what will be the growth or contraction rate of the markets is essential for a proper planning of any company’s business strategies"

THE CUBE - Packaging machines: global markets values and forecasts” is an innovative predictive analysis model created by Ucima Economic Department, which provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the international markets in the next three years. Peculiarity of the model is a three-dimensional structure, allowing an agile change of perspective in the forecast, by linking together the individual geographical areas with client sectors and machines categories.

The Study is divided into four sections and related detail sheets:

SECTION I - WORLD COUNTRIES: 3 levels: World Market, 6 Macro- areas, 70 individual countries)

SECTION II – END USERS INDUSTRIES: 6 sectors: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Tobacco-Tissue and other sectors

SECTION III - FAMILIES OF MACHINES: now enlarged to 11 families, according to UNI EN 415-1: Filling machines, Closing machines, FS (Fill and Seal), FFS (Form Fill and Seal), Cartoning machines, Wrapping machines, Palletizers, Labeling machines, handling machines, Inspecting machines, Other technologies

SECTION IV – RANKINGS related to: market value in 2018 and 2021, market growth 2019-2021, Italian Export Growth 2019-2021, ranking G-MECS


  • General country information (GDP, Country Rating, degree of attractiveness for Italian exports, main supplier countries, etc.).
  • The total value of the market in 2018, divided by single families of machines, customer industry and geographic target market.
  • The forecasts of the market value in 2021, with specific data on the individual variables.
  • The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) expected for 2019-2021 period in the markets of interest.
  • The forecasts for the German export in the various target markets (on single country / region level, family of machines and customer sector basis).

Now available the 4° edition of the Study ‘THE CUBE’ with 2019-2021 forecasts

New studies

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